Hucknall Cottage Gardenholders Association

Who are we?

We are an independent Association which is run by the gardeners who work the plots. We have about 150 plots or gardens some of which are now very overgrown and neglected on land which is owned by a charitable trust. The gardens date back to the time of the land enclosures in the 1840ís when the land was given to the poor cottage holders of Hucknall by the Duke of Portland, hence our name. Each garden was originally enclosed by Hawthorne hedges (and many still are) which are accessed via avenues. All gardens have access to water, which originally came from natural springs and wells, but is now supplemented by a number of taps. The gardens were split into a number of sections when the new Hucknall by-pass was cut through the middle of the site.

Where are we?

The gardens are on either side of the Hucknall By-pass with access from gates on Wood Lane, Garden Road, Priory Road and a number of additional gates on the footpath that links the latter two roads. Car parking is provided from Garden Road and Priory Road.

Interested in taking a garden?

We are a friendly, and on the whole, helpful bunch of keen and in some cases very competent gardeners. Do not be put off by a lack of experience, we are not all experts and we all had to start somewhere. There are a number of members who are always willing to offer hints and tips and share their experiences. Also the cost of a garden is very reasonable. For the coming year, 2014, the rent for a full sized garden (approximately 600 square yards / 500 square metres) has been fixed at £24. We have a number of smaller gardens and the rent for these is pro rata depending upon size. Rents may have to rise in the coming years but this will only be to cover our outgoings and to provide a contingency fund. We are not a profit making organisation.


On average six or seven gardens become available for re-letting each year, but if you are prepared to accept a challenge we have neglected and overgrown gardens available at most times.

To get your names on our waiting list and for more information contact

John Deller, President, Tel No. 0115 9633172

John Duke, Secretary, Tel No. 0115 9635538

E-mail: jbduke40 -at- gmail -dot- com